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The new era of car races using sustainable energy to preserve the environment around us and as always with the Italian passion for engines.


The legendary “Mille Miglia” car race of the future

The World Solar Challenge (6-13 October 2013) is an event held every two years to find the most efficient solar powered car. This challenge starts in Darwin and covers 3,021 km finishing in Adelaide after crossing the Australian outback. “Onda solare” is the only Italian team in the event.

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Emilia 3

The 2011 experience and a change in the rules.

Emilia III has been designed as a lightweight and efficient vehicle.with the aim of improving Emilia II’s weaknesses Apart from being lightweight and efficient, reliability is essential in order to complete the challenge. A change in the rules for safety reasons means that all vehicles must have four wheels.

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The Team

A tight-knit, enthusiastic and diverse group of people.

The core of the Onda Solare Team, which is the only Italian team taking part at the WSC 2013, is made up of technicians and experts working in the sustainable mobility and sustainable energy production field, including engineers, students and teachers. The competition attracts university teams and private competitors from all over the World: 26 nationalities make up the 47 teams in the WSC 2013!

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